Continuing Coverage: Northville Students Triumph at State Invention Convention, Prepare for Nationals

Northville Public Schools proudly celebrates the outstanding achievements of its students at the State Invention Convention Competition held at the Henry Ford Museum on May 4. This prestigious event brings together some of the brightest young minds from across Michigan, giving them a platform to showcase their innovative ideas and creative solutions to real-world problems. The competition spans grades 3 through 12, providing students with an interactive and interdisciplinary opportunity to invent, pitch, and refine their projects.
This year, Northville's high school and elementary students demonstrated exceptional creativity and skill, resulting in multiple awards and accolades. The picture below features our Northville winners!
Northville winners at the State Invention Convention Competition 2024
In the high school division, the "Air Align" team comprising Nathan Ondrus, Ethan Wang, and Philip Zhavaronkov (pictured below) clinched first place with their pitch calibration system designed for turbines in chaotic wind environments. This innovative solution impressed the judges, earning them a spot at the National Invention Convention, set to take place at the Henry Ford Museum from June 5-7.
The Air Align team of Nathan Ondrus, Ethan Wang, & Philip Zhavaronkov won first place for the senior division and will compete at the National competition in June
Another high school team, the "Puffer Safe" group consisting of Austin Barber and Thomas Hinshaw (pictured below), secured third place with their "Shipping Container Floatation and Location Rescue System." This award-winning project illustrates Northville's commitment to nurturing engineering and problem-solving skills among its students.
Puffer Safe team of Austin Barber and Thomas Hinshaw won third place
At the elementary level, Northville's young inventors showcased their talent, with three teams winning top honors. The grand prize was awarded to the "Smart Street Light Automation Energy Conservation Solution" project, created by Logan Clark, Rishaan Malldi, Aarush Mishra, and Erik Shaska from Thornton Creek Elementary. This innovative concept aims to improve energy efficiency in public lighting systems.
First place in the grades 3-5 division went to the "No Spill for Real" project by Elise Chen, Chris Fang, and William Huang (pictured below) from Amerman Elementary, which addresses the common problem of liquid spills.
1st Place grades 3-5: No Spill for Real project by: Elise Chen, Chris Fang, William Huang
The third-place prize was awarded to the "Drip Catcher" project by Vaishnavi Gandhe, Brianna Keros, Scarlett Kuhn, and Colvin Santo (pictured below), also from Amerman Elementary. These young inventors will join their high school counterparts at the National competition in June.
3rd Place grades 3-5 	The Drip Catcher 	Vaishnavi Gandhe, Brianna Keros, Scarlett Kuhn, Colvin Santo
The success at the State Invention Convention underscores Northville Public Schools' dedication to providing students with hands-on learning experiences that foster innovation and entrepreneurship. The district's commitment to STEM education is reflected in the achievements of these remarkable students, who have demonstrated their ability to think critically, solve problems, and create meaningful solutions.
As these teams prepare for the National competition, Northville Public Schools extends its heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to all the participants. Their dedication to innovation serves as an inspiration to the entire community, showing that the future of creativity and ingenuity is in capable hands.
Stay tuned for more updates as Northville's talented students continue to make waves on the national stage, shaping the future one invention at a time.