Inclusion Week T-shirt Design Contest

Northville Public Schools proudly announces the launch of the 2024 Inclusion Week T-Shirt Design Contest. Open to early childhood, elementary, Cooke, and middle school students, this unique competition empowers students to visually express the spirit of inclusion that defines the Northville community.
Northville High School students will play a crucial role by casting their votes to determine the winning design that will symbolize unity and inclusion during Northville's second annual Inclusion Week, scheduled for March 4-8, 2024.
"We believe that inclusion is not just a concept; it's a commitment to recognizing, appreciating, and celebrating people of all backgrounds, races, genders, ethnicities, disabilities, and more," said Kelsey Mikiciuk, Special Education Teacher and Unified School Coordinator at Northville High School. "Inclusion Week is a special time for our entire district to reflect on the choices we make to embrace diversity and choose to include. The T-shirt design contest is an exciting way for students to contribute to this celebration of unity."
The competition encourages both individual submissions and group/class collaborations, allowing students to pool their creativity and showcase a collective vision of inclusion. Participants are invited to submit designs that highlight the essence of the Northville Public Schools community and share their unique perspectives on what inclusion means to them.
The designs are due by November 21, 2023.
The winning design will be unveiled and celebrated during Northville's second annual Inclusion Week, a week dedicated to embracing diversity, promoting understanding, and reinforcing the importance of inclusion. The chosen design will be featured on T-shirts worn by the Northville Public Schools community, making a bold and visible statement about the district's commitment to unity.
Submit your design by visiting the Inclusion Week T-shirt Design Contest form. Let the creativity flow, and may the spirit of inclusion shine bright in every design submitted!
Save the Date: Northville's second annual inclusion week! March 4th-8th, 2024. National Spread the word day is March 6th. Stay tuned for district wide theme days and activities. Unified Stangs.