NPS Middle School Team Takes First Place in the Airport Design Challenge

A group of six 8th graders from Meads Mill and Hillside Middle Schools participated in the 2023 Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airport Design Challenge (7-12th grade category). And Team Aero came out on top with 1st place!
The Airport Design Challenge is an interactive learning and collaboration opportunity for students in grades K-12. The FAA Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Aviation and Space Education (STEM AVSED) Program organizes and sponsors this exciting challenge.
During the Airport Design Challenge, students have the opportunity to design virtual airports in Minecraft based on guidance from FAA aerospace and engineering experts. The challenge offers first-hand experience in an aviation-related application of STEM concepts and helps students apply their academic knowledge and skills to professional simulations.
Last year, this specific group (team Aero) took 3rd place, while the high school team (team aireos) took 1st place, making it back to back years that an NPS team has claimed the top spot!
This international competition includes teams from 48 countries around the World!
Congrats Team Aero!

Ayoolu Akinyemi, 8th Grade, Meads Mill Middle School
Daut Yakupov, 8th grade, Hillside Middle School
Rithvik Ashok, 8th Grade, Hillside Middle School
Rishi Sevugan, 8th Grade, Meads Mill Middle School
Aaryan Mummineni 8th Grade Hillside Middle School
Tanmay Pavuluri, 8th Grade, Meads Mill Middle School
Team Aero 2023